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Complaints & Investigations

For schools there is an increasing culture of complaints from parents on a range of issues, with the threat of ‘sort it out or I’m going to Ofsted’. The need to provide a swift resolution through thorough and comprehensive investigation becomes imperative to maintaining good relations with parents.


Schools are no different from other businesses when it comes to Human Resource matters. Issues of staff grievances and disciplinary matters can be very damaging to staff morale and cohesion. The need for a discrete, confidential and swift resolution is key to maintaining good staff relations.


As ACAS trained investigators, we can undertake investigations swiftly and confidentially, providing an independent and impartial enquiry. Our approach involves establishing the precise nature of the issue and the confines of the enquiry, before interviewing all those involved and examining all the evidence and facts surrounding the issue.


We produce a detailed and comprehensive report for clients that meet professional body standards. We are able to provide recommendations, possible actions and representations at a Hearing should they be required.

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